George Foreman’s daughter ‘died in apparent suicide’ as her father pays tribute saying he wanted ‘just one more day’

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Boxing legend George Foreman’s daughter Freeda, who was found dead in her home at the weekend, died in an apparent suicide, it has been reported.

The 42-year-old, who was a professional boxer, is thought to have been found hanging by a relative, police said. She was discovered in her home in Houston, Texas, on Saturday.

Today a spokesperson for the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office in Texas told TMZ Freeda died in an apparent suicide.

George Foreman paid an emotional tribute to his daughter in the early hours of this morning, saying he wanted ‘just one more day’ with her.

The 70-year-old world heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist shared a touching message about his daughter’s death to Twitter.

In the late-night Twitter post, Foreman shared a graduation picture of Freeda, explaining how he told his daughter to get an education before pursuing a career in sport.

He described the pain of spending his first Sunday without his daughter, adding, ‘she’s with her maker now’.

She began her boxing career in the middleweight ranks in 2001, beginning with a five-match winning streak – with three knockouts – that lasted until the following year, when she was defeated in her sixth match.

He said: ‘First Sunday in 42 years without my Freeda. She’s with her maker now…Just one more day I wanted okay, one more year aww one more decade.’ Freeda is survived by her husband and daughter, as well as 11 siblings.

Foreman also described how Freeda ‘brought the bacon home’ after he told her to get an education before becoming a boxer and she graduated.

He wrote on Twitter: ‘Daddy I want to Box,’Get an Education first’ I said, well she Brought The bacon home ( degree) 2 Kids 3 Grands (Husband) First Sunday in 42 years without my Freeda. She’s With her maker now.10 kids forever. Just 1 more day I wanted okay 1 more year aw I more decade.’ Police told TMZ on Saturday they are awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine the official cause of death, and that no foul play is suspected.

A final determination on the cause of death will be made by a coroner, but law enforcement sources told TMZ that Freeda appeared to have died by asphyxiation.

She opened up to The New York Times in February of 2000 about her career in the ring, telling the paper that her father did ‘not exactly embrace’ her efforts. ‘He flat out doesn’t like it,’ she said in the interview, which took place before her string of fights.

‘But I do have his love and support. That’s what counts.’ In a biography description on her Twitter page, Freeda wrote, ‘Aside from my love of family, being a good mother, wife, and friend, I aspire to make a positive difference in our American Criminal Justice System.’ According to a LinkedIn page under her name, Freeda had been attending Sam Houston State University, where she studied criminal justice.

According to iMDb, Freeda had appeared in a number of TV documentaries, including 2002’s Relatively Speaking: George Foreman, and in 2004, Beyond the Glory and 10 Things Every Guy Should Experience. She also provided vocals on a 2003 Family Guy episode.

George, 70, is father to 12 kids, with seven daughters and five sons, the latter of whom are all named George.

The famed boxer twice held the sport’s world heavyweight champion, as he first held it from 1973 until losing it in 1974 to the late Muhammad Ali, and a second time in 1994 when he beat Michael Moorer to become the sport’s oldest world heavyweight champion ever. He’s also closely identified with the George Foreman Grill, a popular home cooking appliance that hit the market in 1994, and has sold an estimated 100 million units since.

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