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Erstwhile PRESIDENT of the Nigerian Bar Association and a prominent Constitutional lawyer Mr Joe Daudu, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria has warned Islamic extremists in Nigeria to perish the idea of seeking to recreate what happened in Afghanistan in Nigeria because of the far reaching consequences of trying.

He made the observations in a Facebook post as follows:

“I agree with the views expressed by David above. What use is it to blame a foreign country for failing to protect another one when the latter country wants another system. The Talibans were able to sweep across Afghanistan in less than 24 hours not because the people in the provinces do not know how to resist them but because deep inside them they cherish a faith based Government. Their only problem is the brand of radical Islam propagated by the Talibans. A near comparison is the case of IPOB and South Eastern Nigeria. I have not seen any real resistance to the leadership of IPOB in the East, hence there is substantial compliance with their orders. So Nigeria is not on the same footing as Afghanistan because we are not ethnically and religiously homogeneous as the latter is. There will be resistance the type that has never before been seen in the history of warfare should any group wage or attempt to wage religious war against the order. Bet let us consider the other less likely option which is that everyone has been so jazzed that we allow one group to overrun the other. Can we turn round then and blame the USA, UK or France or even Ghana for not saving Nigeria or for not accepting refugees from us . No. We cannot blame anybody just as the Afghans and their wailing sympathizers worldwide are doing now on account of America’s long announced and planned withdrawal because there is no legal or moral obligation for America to continue to interfere in the internal affairs of that country. Our problem has solution and we can start now by speaking up against evil in our system. We cannot have leaders who are only after their own comforts and the fullness of their stomachs and expect our institutions to survive. We cannot continue to make the wrong choices and expect somewhat miraculously that all will be well with our country. Now, we are living on loans, no one is talking, our institutions are being weakened no one bats an eyelid. The security architecture has been severely fractured, what are we doing? When Nigeria receives her own visitation as a result of our collective insincerity and unseriousness, it certainly will not come in the variant of the Afghanistan travail. It will come in a more devastating but comical manner. It will remind us of Humpty Dumpty who when he had a great fall, all the Kings men and horses could not put it together again. So we should careful and regard the Afghanistan experience as a signpost for us to make a sharp U- turn from our current path of self destruction and tow the path of truthfulness, equity and Justice and perhaps, may be just perhaps we may be saved from the looming destruction. JB

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