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Kano State Police Command has asked citizens to relax and stop expressing fear over strange presence of large caravan of camels in the state.

Residents of the state have raised the alarm over the foreign camel train that camped in some areas of the state.

Some residents argued that the foreigners might have been in the state for criminal activities, under the pretext of selling potash.

The foreigners camped at Rimin Zakara and Dorayi Babba in Ungogo and Gwale Local Government Areas of the state.

However, the state police command in an address by its spokesman Abdullahi Haruna, said there was no cause for alarm over their presence.

Mr Haruna, a deputy superintendent of police, said they made thorough investigation in conjunction with the Nigerian Immigration Service, and discovered that they have genuine documentation to enter the country.

“We have not found anything incriminating on them. Investigation showed that they are potash merchants from Damagaram in Niger Republic, and they have proper travel documents.

“We invited their leaders for questioning, just as we contacted the Niger Consulate over the issue.

“Further investigation revealed that they do not stay more than 20 days in Kano, during which they sell their commodity and buy foodstuff at Dawanau Market for their return journey to Damagaram,” he added.

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