Five Chinese agents arrested in US for targeting Beijing opponents

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Five Chinese agents have been arrested in the United States for their role in an operation targeting opponents of the Chinese government, US officials announced on Wednesday.

Assistant Attorney General John Demers said charges had been filed against eight people involved in an “illegal Chinese law enforcement operation known as Fox Hunt.”

“China describes Fox Hunt as an international anti-corruption campaign in which it seeks to locate legitimate fugitives around the world and bring them to China to face genuine criminal charges,” Demers said.

“But in many instances the hunted are opponents of Communist Party Chairman Xi (Jinping) — political rivals, dissidents, and critics.

“In either event, the operation is a clear violation of the rule of law and international norms,” Demers said at a press conference.

He said five Chinese agents had been arrested in the United States on Wednesday and the other three are believed to be in China.

They face charges of “conspiring to act in the United States as illegal agents of the People’s Republic of China.”

“The Chinese government’s brazen attempts to surveil, threaten, and harass our own citizens and lawful permanent residents, while on American soil, are part of China’s diverse campaign of theft and malign influence in our country and around the world,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said.


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