FCTA Arrests Over 30 Nude Dancers from illegal nite club.

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Hands Them Over To SDS For Rehabilitation

The Federal Capital Development Administration ( FCTA) on Wednesday night raided and arressted over 30 nude dancers and remove the front fence of Caramelo Night Club (a Health Clinc turned Night Club) to serve as deterrent.

Speaking at a press conference to brief residents on the arrest , the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC) Coordinator, Mallam Umar Shuaibu said the authority will not tollorate the inappropriate conversion of building into commercial night clubs and lounges. Saying, this undermine public safety jeopardize comfort and convenience and also generates nuisance and traffic that threatens the peace of residents of the precinct.

According to him, this is a flagrant abuse of the city plan and violation of the relevant clause Viii of the building plan approval granted, and clause No.2 (ii) of the letter of Offer of Grant onbthis plot”. The contravening activities will cease henceforth and the allotted will revert the use of the building to the health clinic so designated and approved.

He said that, consequently, the FCTA Joint Task Team which comprises of the Department of Development Control , Abuja Environmental Protection Board and the Socail Development Secretariat stormed the premises of the night clubs within the city Center and raided over 30 nude dancers.

His words:”In response to security reports and complaints from the residents of area adjoining the location of Caramelo Night Club on plot 630 Cadastral zone B05 along T.O.S Benson Street within Utako District , Te authority deployed its officers to carry out surveillance in order to validate the complaints. Themoutcome of the surveillance revealed that the complaints are genuine and real. Please note that the substance ofmyhese complains include noise nuisance from loud party music, nude/strip dancing club activities intractable traffic challenge resulting from uncontrolled patronage to the commercial nightclub within the residential precinct.

“You may wish to note that the plot under reference is zoned as Health Clinic on the Utako District Landusee Plan, and in line with this plan, the building plan approval granted was for the development of the health clinic. Accordingly, the property was developed as a health clinic However, the use of the building has been changed to a commercial night club ( Caramelo Night Club).

He However noted that, the authority has repeatedly engaged with the operator of Caramelo and other operators across the on the need to quit the operator of operation of commercial night club within residential precinct but all to no avail.

The authority will not renege on its duty to protect and maintain the sanctity of the Abuja Master Plan, and will continue to ensure that the city remain a safe place for living working and recreating for all its residents and citizenry.

Also, the Acting Secretary, Social Development Secretariat (SDS), Hajia Safiya Umar said the owner of the club should be brought to book as she also frowned at the calibre of girls arrested. Saying they are from a very wealthy homes and some of them are married with two to three children.

She however hinted that, they have been taken to Wyse General Hopital for medical check-up and after which they will be taking to FCT rehabilitation centre in Lugbe were they will be for three months learn basic trades and give them starter pack.

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