Facts about the audio tape ASD/EFCC confronted Shehu Sani with

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  1. The audio was in Hausa language.
  2. The audio was cut and join conversation to malign the Senator.
  3. There was nowhere the audio indicated that Senator Shehu Sani was given money.
  4. The $25,000 in the tape was the amount of money Senator Shehu Sani paid for a Peugeot 508 of which profoma invoice was given as evidence to the EFCC
  5. The tape borders on Shehu Sani:
  • Calling on ASD to support his political ambition
  • Telling the audience the political persecution he was facing under Elrufai
  • How hired assassins were sent after Shehu Sani
  • How Shehu Sani intends to go for medical surgery in Germany
  • Shehu Sani wooing ASD to abandon his other political choices and support Shehu Sani
  • In the audio, it was Shehu Sani who was making statement to give ASD money to purchase a car at his shop and was never for bribe
  1. The audio was a disjointed piece of manipulated voices composed and arrainged to achieve their desired goals.
  2. Almost 70% of the content of the audio has been tampered with and nowhere in the audio it was proved that Shehu Sani was given money to bribe the CJN or EFCC officials
  3. We shall release our full version of all the conversation when the matter goes to court.
  4. The EFCC/accuser audio is a duet of misleading and misinforming rhythm and conversation
  5. We reject the EFCC Hausa recording studio work of fiction.

Note: This is to keep the public properly abreast on the issue. Thank you!

Sulaiman Ahmad
SSA to Sen. Shehu Sani
19th January, 2020

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