EDUCATION Vs NEPOTISM ; it’s effect in our country Nigeria.



Looking at the current state of our country Nigeria, you will agree with me that the standard of education is very poor, which ever way you want to look at it.

Every thing seems to be at point zero in Nigeria because there is no quality Education , our Health and Security sectors are highly dependent on the quality of education we get in Nigeria, the government should pay more attention to the Education sector, they should give more allocation to this Sector in every of their budget, they are expected to pay more attention to the training of teachers and lecturers, that is, making sure that they are eligible to pass knowledge into other people, they should also pay attention to the necessary equipments needed to study in schools, most of this universities and secondary schools are not always equipped for practical, and I don’t know how somebody can learn in such as environment, we always expect our youngsters to graduate in order to come out and control events in the society where as we forgot so easily that they couldn’t practice what they studied as a result of the carefree attitude of the Government towards the Education Sector.

Let us discuss Nepotism, the educational system in Nigeria is being controlled by Nepotism. Nepotism is the practice among those with power or influence of Favoring relatives or friends while offering jobs or admission to students, some of these people who are employed to teach are not always qualified for the position, same way some students are not qualified to be in school, Nepotism kept them there and at the end of the day, it slows the pace of the Country. Nepotism is eating deep into out education system.
Most times, I marvel at the way lecturers are being employed in our universities and also how teachers are being employed in our secondary and primary schools, some of these teachers and lecturers have nothing to offer, in the universities, the lectuters are just interested in selling textbooks to students as a means of making money and using it as a bench mark for their assessment, where as their major concentration should be on how to impact knowledge into the students. So many youths that graduated from some Nigerian universities has nothing to offer to the society and on so many occasions we have blamed the students for not paying attention during their days in the universities, but we have never asked if the lectures taught them well. Nepotism is indirectly having a bad hand in our society but we are yet to see that.

On the side of the students, it has really damaged a lot of things. I would love to use the butterfly stages as an instance: when it is still at EGG stage it moves gradually to the LARVA stage, it struggles so hard so as to move to the PUPA stage which is the transition stage, during this stage it is looking for a way to bring out its wings so that it can become a butterfly, if you, as a human see it at this stage and decide to help it bring out the wing, you will end up killing it, it won’t manifest into the beautiful butterfly it should have been, looking at it from the point of reality, during the time of admission into some universities, you will see Nepotism playing its role, majority of the students gain admission not just because of their ability but because of the influence of those they know in power, but these people in power are not aware that they are killing a butterfly at its PUPAL Stage, they are killing the students performances, when they are trying and working hard to gain this admission and you collect their papers just because you feel you are capable, you will go out there to secure admission for them with your influence, the truth is, you didn’t help this student rather you have killed his or her performance, at the end of the day, Some of these favored students will graduate with nothing to show for it because they were busy using the influence of someone they know to get through with school, Of course Nepotism should be blamed.

It is also shocking to reveal to you that there are businesses that are likely not to grow in Nigeria because of the standard of our Education but it is so sad, we assume that we have qualified Engineers in our mist but whenever it comes to road constructions, the government will leave Nigeria to go look for Engineers outside the country because they don’t trust the judgment of the Nigerian universities, nothing is moving forward and the government is doing absolutely nothing about it, they are just so interested in raising revenue from this sector without giving back appropriately to it.

I therefore urge the government to pay more attention to the Education Sector, it is really going below standard. All hands should be on deck to support the Nigerian System of Education, let us all Shun NEPOTISM, it’s effect is very destructive. In a country where there is sound Education, every thing falls into normalcy.

*OBILOR GRACECLIFFS EBUBECHUKWU is an official of Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) based in Abia State.

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