Denrele faces backlash over extra-marital affair claims with late singer, Goldie

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Popular crossdresser and Nigerian TV host, Denrele Edun, has incensed several Nigerians with his shocking claims of having an affair with late singer, Goldie Harvey, while she was married.

His revelation was made during an interview with NeeCeeBosslady Blog which went viral on Wednesday.

“My beautiful late friend, Goldie, many people just thought we were friends,” he said.

“But we did have a few intimate moments; so that is why I will say that I was her driving force.

“I knew she was married, we kept that secret, but we had something more than friendship.

Denrele Edun, Goldie Harvey

“We entered the corner, which is why I was constantly committed to seeing her shine.”

Reacting to the interview, Nigerians on Twitter chided Denrele for disrespecting his late friend’s memory.

Radio Presenter, Fola Folayan @FavouredWoman tweeted, “This was so so so unnecessary. Goldie didn’t deserve this in her death. We didn’t need to know. Nobody needed to know. Nobody!”

“Denrele, being flippant with a detail like that is hella disrespectful and stupid. There was absolutely no need for that,” @the_elfrida wrote.

“So wrong, this is so uncalled for @DENRELE_EDUN. Why not allow her loved ones to keep the good memories of her, why spoil it for them?” @agbomma71 tweeted.

Lawyer, Ridwan Oke @Ridiwanullahii said, “Denrele really messed up with that nonsense talk. It was absolutely unnecessary and unprovoked. No, you shouldn’t do that to anybody talk less of a person you called your friend. Now, you’ve gotten the attention you ordered for, what do you want to do with it?”

@scadofficial said, “what was Denrele trying to prove by saying he slept with late singer Goldie? That information is useless.”

While Edun’s relationship with Goldie was always under public scrutiny during her lifetime, her marriage to Malaysia-based engineer, Andrew Harvey, was a secret till her death, in 2013.

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