DANGER ALERT! MGBEMENA STREET, AWADA, OBOSI, ANAMBRA STATE in Bad shape Again After shoddy Job by inexperience Contractor.

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Mgbemena street Awada, the same road that nearly wiped the resident away last year, The same thing is repeating itself this year.

A shoddy job by inexperience contractor.

Eye witness report by Obidiora Barth Ifejekwu; from Onitsha, Anambra State.

It was reported last year by a resident who said: “The street has been under construction for some months by some people who he don’t even know if they are into road construction”.

“Don’t even know the kind of materials they are using here, they will just leave a trip of sand and the rain with carry it away.

“We can’t pass through here anymore, except through Nwaziki Street or Ezeiweka. The resident added

He said “I believe this was a project the government of Anambra State gave to some people, now they left it that way, risking the lives of people.

See The nature of the road as of last year

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