Cows are happy for Buhari’s victory – Miyetti Allah

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Mr Bello Abdullahi Bodejo, National President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore Socio-cultural Association, Thursday, said that animals are happy that President Muhammadu Buhari triumphed over his political opponents in the last Presidential election conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC in Nigeria.

Speaking in an interview with the SUN NEWSPAPER, Bodejo averred that cows have doubled their milk production, noting that their actions are evident to show that they (cows) know about Buhari’s victory.

He linked Buhari’s victory to the love Fulani’s and Nigerians have for him, saying that ‘If a tribe like the Fulani rejects you, you should know that you are finished.

Whatever you are doing in the country, if you are not with the Fulani, it would not succeed.’

His words, “This time, President Buhari has to check the people around him very well. Not all of them are giving him good advice.

I believe that by now, he already knows those who like Nigeria and those who do not like Nigeria. It is now that the real change will come.

“I believe that Baba will bring a lot of change to Nigeria. Even the cows in the bush are now happy and will know that very soon, change will reach them. Today (Wednesday), when I wanted to harvest milk from my cow, I noticed that it was double what I used to get.

Through that, I know that something good is coming to the country. So, even the cows are happy and feeling that change has come. Before now, after every election, you used to have all manner of crises but since Buhari won, you can see that everywhere is calm.

“Everybody is very happy; some are dancing and killing animals to do sacrifice. We, the Fulani are praying for him and that he should remember us. The Fulani are really suffering; they are killing the Fulani everywhere but we cannot leave President Buhari. We believe in him. He is our son, father and grandfather.

“I urge him to remove all the people around him who are enemies of his administration.

During the campaigns, many people including Atiku were trying to poison the minds of the Fulani that Buhari did not do anything for us.

We understood that Buhari entered government at a time that everything had spoilt in the country.

I believe that Buhari is going to do a lot now.

“So many people tried to use money to buy us but we believe in Buhari. We are praying that Buhari will listen to the leadership of the Fulani.

“They made so much noise; many of them like Buba Galadinma carried so much propaganda but they were not on ground. However, if they have issues with the election, they should go to court.

I advise them to join Buhari’s government and not waste their time.

“If you saw their campaigns, you would think that they were going to win the election but it is few people among them that deceived them to think that they have been accepted by Nigerians.

One thing is that if you are a presidential candidate, you should not take any tribe for granted.

“If a tribe like the Fulani rejects you, you should know that you are finished. Whatever you are doing in the country, if you are not with the Fulani, it would not succeed.

“The reason is that if the Fulani say yes to you, it means yes. Atiku lost the election but if he wants to go to court, he can do that; after all, the lawyers are there and they will be happy to get briefs from the PDP. It is a very clear election that they conducted and everybody saw it.

“Before, Buhari could not win Nasarrawa but this time he won it because of his popularity. Look at the campaign of Atiku; he said he would sell the NNPC if he is elected; how can he say that? Is it his personal property? He also said he wants to do anti-grazing law.

Which kind of leader is that? You will sell NNPC and ban the Fulani from grazing. You said the Fulani are killing people and you want to win election.”

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