COVID-19: Lagos records 4 new deaths

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As the third wave of COVID-19 is gathering momentum, Lagos State has recorded four new related deaths between July 14 and July 17, 2021, increasing the state’s COVID-19 related mortality to 363, the state’s commissioner for health, Prof. Akin Abayomi has said

Abayomi, who disclosed this through his official Facebook page attributed weak observance of public health measures, increased social interaction and movement as well as the spread of variants as factors responsible for the new cases.

He said there are 1,045 active COVID-19 cases in communities being managed under the Home-Based Care. 5,455 tests were conducted on the reported dates, out of which 205 new COVID-19 infections were confirmed, he added.

“The new infections increased the state’s total COVID-19 infections to 61,026. 55, 617 of the infected people had recovered in communities, while 3,943 had recovered in the state’s COVID-19 isolation centres,” Abayomi said.

The commissioner also disclosed that the total number of COVID-19 tests conducted in the state since the inception of the pandemic stood at 578,079.

According to him, the state’s testing figures are going up slightly, adding that it was also expected that a lot of people are coming back from Europe especially the young children and this new variants are circulating, because of the summer season.

Abayomi added that the figure of the infected people steadily rose from 30 cases daily to between 60 and 80 earlier before it remained at 100, adding that there are evidences that those infected had not received the vaccines.

The commissioner said, “About a week ago we are diagnosing 30 new cases a day, it gradually went up to 60, 80, and it went just above 100 and it has remained above 100 everyday for the past four or five. There is a little reassuring that it is not going about 200, 300, 500. We have tightened our restrictions at the airport goes into mandatory isolation. And we are engaging in aggressive attack of the virus as directed by the Incident commander, the governor.

“All the new cases admitted in Lagos none of the people, looking at their history are people who have not been vaccinated. It is not scientific, robust evidence, but it is an indication.

The early indication shows that those not vaccinated are the ones catching the virus.”

On the vaccination, he said that despite the fact that the there is global shortage of the vaccines, the Federal Government is expecting some consignment of millions vaccines, adding that Lagos would be proritised because the state had experienced evidences of the third wave of the pandemic, especially with the increase in the number of cases in recent days.

Abayomi added, “Nigeria is expecting some consignment and Lagos will be proritised because we have seen evidence of the possibility of a third wave as Mr. Governor has announced a few days ago. That trend is not alarming, it is certainly there, we have admitted more people at the IDH, than we have done over the last two months.

“Our testing figures are going up slightly and we expect that it is summer time, a lot of people are coming back from Europe especially the young children and these new variants are circulating, we expect that there will be some increasing activity in Lagos, as we receive a lot of visitors and these vaccines are important for us.

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