Couple Married for 22 Years Die of COVID-19 Hours Apart, Leave Behind 7 Children, Family Starts GoFundMe

Two lovebirds who met at the age of 14 tragically passed away hours apart, leaving behind seven children

Troy Greene contracted COVID-19 and was hospitalised a day after his wife, Charletta, was taken to the hospital

Charletta’s condition worsened, and when she passed away, her darling husband could not bear the pain

A husband and his wife, both 44 years old, died hours apart after contracting COVID-19.

Troy and Charletta Green, who met when they were 14 years old, were thousands of kilometres apart when they succumbed to the virus, leaving behind seven children.

According to Fox 2, the lovebirds lost their lives earlier in the week, leaving behind the kids aged between 10 and 23.

Family trip

Narrating the onset of the tragedy, Troy’s sister Tiki Green said they had planned a family trip to Florida in August, but Troy stayed home as he was not feeling well.
Two days after arriving in Florida, Charletta fell ill and was hospitalised after contracting COVID-19. Troy was admitted in the hospital a day later after contracting COVID-19, and their anniversary found them in the ICU.

Tragedy strikes

While Troy’s condition improved, Charletta’s got worse as her lungs were damaged. She passed away, and when Troy learnt about it, he could not take it. He started having chest pain and died hours later.

According to Tiki, the couple had considered getting the COVID-19 vaccine but contracted the virus before getting around to doing it. She further urged other people to get the vaccine.

Tiki said they are trying to get help for the children. In her words:

“We’re just telling them that we are here, we love them and we’re going to support them as much as we can.”

Tiki has started a GoFundMe page for the family, and they have thus far raised $28,145 (N11,581,667.50).

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