Closure of Presidential Election Collation Centre is Strange – Fani-Kayode

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It is strange and unacceptable that INEC closed the national collation centre yesterday and directed that everyone should go home and come back at 11.00 a.m. this morning for the announcement of the election results. Why the break and why such a long gap?

What INEC, Buhari and the APC seek to achieve with this suspicious and inexplicable delay is painfully obvious.

Given this, I am constrained to say the following.

Be mindful of the fact that the results of the election in every polling unit and at every ward and LGA in the country has been recorded, saved and stored by the voters and their respective party agents.

Any attempt to announce fake numbers, manipulate the results and thwart the will of the Nigerian people shall not only be rejected and resisted but shall also result in grave and cataclysmic consequences.

We are sitting on a tinder box and a keg of gunpowder and Buhari is planning to set it ablaze simply because he does not want to go and he is so desperate to remain in power.

My advice to him is as follows:

If you do not want Nigeria to explode and burn under your watch and if you do not want a major crisis on your hands, the likes of which you have NEVER seen before, do not go ahead with your rigging plan, do not push Nigeria over the brink and do not provoke a terrible and never ending conflict which may ultimately result in a full scale civil war.

I urge you to be a statesman, follow the inspiring and courageous example of President Goodluck Jonathan, accept defeat with humility, dignity and honor and go back to Daura in peace!

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