Buhari is planning to sabotage and shift rescheduled feb 23rd Saturday Election and have directed DSS invite and detain the Federal Commissioner of INEC in charge of Operations Prof. Okechukwu Ibeanu for refusing to help Buhari APC sabotage distribution and compromise of sensitive election materials.

The Refusal of INEC to proceed with staggered election during the aborted Feb 16 election which ruined Buhari APC rigging plan is the reason for the new offensive action against INEC to intimidate them into submission. The idea to detain the Federal Commissioner today was on the sole instigation of the former DG of the DSS Lawal Daura who still runs the agency by proxy and convinced Buhari to allow the use of the DSS to clampdown on INEC to force them to do their Bidding or sabotage the rescheduled election and stop it from holding.

We call on all Nigerians to rise up on against this ongoing leadership abuse and  madness which have the potentiality to throw Nigeria into an electoral violence that will enable Buhari execute his lawless order that Security agencies should publicly start killing people under the guise of Ballot box snatching.

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