Buhari lacks integrity, his govt is one of deception — Pa Adebanjo

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Elder Statesman and Afenifere Leader, Pa Ayo Adebanjo has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari, saying that lacks integrity and that his government is one of deception.

Pa Adebanjo said this while speaking during a Zoom conference series: Covid-19: Turning a crisis into opportunities, on Friday.

Pa Adebanjo said that President Buhari is deceptive because he campaigned on restructuring way back in 2007.

“Now that he is in power, he and his Northern co-sojourners are claiming they don’t understand what restructuring means,” he lamented.

While reacting to questions affecting the issue of restructuring which has remained a hot pot of debate in the country, Adebanjo said that Buhari has defrauded the nation after riding on the back of restructuring.

Speaking on the topic of the day, “The Coronavirus pandemic, is it time to re-evaluate the political structure“, the visibly angry Afenifere chieftain reiterated what he has said on several fora that Buhari is a fraud.

He said: “Let me repeat what I have said on previous occasions that Buhari lack integrity; he is insincere.

“I campaigned for him in 2007 when he promised to restructure the country. Now he is in power, he pretends he doesn’t know what we are talking about.

“Let me category state without disappointing you all that Buhari will not restructure the country.

“When former President Goodluck Jonathan was leaving the seat of power, he handed him the resolution of the Constitutional Conference which held in 2014 and told him: “I am handing you this very important document”, referring to the Confab.

“What did Buhari do with it? Nothing!

“On coming to power, he and his party, the APC, set up the El-Rufai panel to restructure the country.

“What did Buhari do with it? Nothing!

“So I am saying we must think of other ways we should go about restructuring and not depending on this government.”

Speaking further he said Southerners will still be deluding themselves if anyone is still expecting the present government to restructure the country.

He said: “In Nigeria today, Covid-19 is like a giant tidal wave that came and sucked water off the ocean floor, revealing all these ugly and uncomfortable realities that had been beneath the water from time in memorial.

“The best thing that can come of this is a new paradigm shift in terms of we as a nation reflect and restructure our present system.

‘Let us tell ourselves the truth, there is no way the North will accept restructuring due to their enormous benefits.

“Moreover, we cannot achieve restructuring by vote in the House of Assembly due to the overwhelming majority of the Northern lawmakers.

Other speakers at the conference, including Afenifere spokesman, Yinka Odumakin, former governor of Ondo State and human/environmental activist, Ms. Annkio Briggs, all towed the same line as Pa Adebanjo.

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