Brexit: MPs to vote on giving UK public second referendum

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MPs will vote today on whether to give the public a fresh referendum on Brexit after John Bercow selected an amendment that could lead to a Final Say vote.

It will be the first time the Commons has held a formal vote on the issue of another referendum.

The amendment, tabled by The Independent Group’s Sarah Wollaston, will be voted on tonight during a debate on whether to seek a delay to Brexit. 

It orders Theresa May to seek to delay Brexit “for the purposes of legislating for and conducting a public vote in which the people of the United Kingdom may give their consent” for either leaving the EU on the terms of a deal agreed by Parliament or remaining in the bloc.

The amendment is backed by MPs from Labour, the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Liberal Democrats and The Independent Group.

However, it is unlikely to pass unless it is supported by the Labour leadership and dozens of Conservatives rebels. 

Mr Bercow did not select a rival amendment that suggested another referendum “would be divisive and expensive, and therefore should not take place”.

The vote on the proposal for a fresh public vote will take place when MPs vote on a government motion proposing a delay to Brexit.

However, a number of amendments have been put forward suggesting different courses of action.

Another, tabled by a group of senior cross-party backbenchers, calls for Brexit to be delayed “to enable the House of Commons to find a way forward that can command majority support”.

It proposes a series of “indicative votes” to determine what kind of Brexit MPs might support. 

via The Independent.

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