BREAKING: Peter Obi Tackles Malami, Asks FG To Declare Emergency Rule In Nigeria, Not Anambra

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The former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, has frowned at the Federal Government’s threat to declare a State of Emergency in Anambra State over insecurity.

Obi reacted against the backdrop of a statement made by the Attorney-Generation of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami, warning that emergency rule may be declared in Anambra ahead of the November 6 governorship election if the state government should fail to address insecurity in the state.

While responding to questions during an interview on Arise Television, ‘The Morning Show’, Obi berated the statement of the AGF, calling on the Federal Government to resolve the problems of insecurity challenging the country in general and not a section of it.

“Even in government when they make statement, they should always evaluate their statement and the implication, and the overall wellbeing of their statement.

“People don’t know that the greatest contributor to GDP (Gross Domestic Profit), growth is intangible asset, which is security, law and order and even behaviour and the statements of the leaders.

“Their statement can actually hurt the economy and hurt the place. So, they should ensure that their words and their statement are something that have gone through scrutiny.

“Saying that they have to declare state of emergency in Anambra State because of insecurity should actually mean, that you need to declare state of emergency in Nigeria because of insecurity.

“So that statement from the Attorney General shouldn’t be.

“Also, he is the Attorney Generation of Federation, not the Attorney Generation of PDP or APC, but of the federation. There is a position you are, you are now working as government.”

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