Boy, three, dies inside a washing machine after older sibling shuts him inside

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A three year old boy suffocated inside a washing machine after the child’s sibling ‘shut him inside’.

Parents woke to find the horror after the children had been playing together.

The boy had been helped out of his cot by an elder child, according to reports from Gubkinskyi in Yamalo-Nenets region.

It is believed during their game the elder child had shut the younger one in the washing machine.

The other child’s age and sex was not revealed in initial reports.

Elena Demyanova, a law enforcement official, said state investigators ‘established that the spouses found their small son missing from his cot when they woke’

She said: ‘According to the parents, they found their son in the washing machine.’

The boy’s cause of death was given as ‘asphyxia’.

missing from his cot when they woke’

Further investigations are underway.

It is the second such tragedy in Russia in ten days.

Last week a nine-year-old boy died in Kamchatka region after becoming trapped inside a washing machine when he was home alone after school.

News credits: daily online

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