Beyonce May Sue VP Osinbajo

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American music star, Beyonce has dragged the Vice president of Nigeria, professor Yemi Osinbajo to Twitter over copyright violation.

The tech giant (Twitter) said a post by Osinbajo has been withheld following copyright complaints lodged by Beyonce

The microblogging site said the March 8 tweet violated the American singer’s copyright.

Recall that Yemi Osinbajo had posted a video tweet featuring Beyonce’s song ‘Run the World’ to mark the 2021 International Women’s Day celebration.

The tweet, however, did not attribute it’s content to Beyonce, thereby violating twitter’s copyright rules.

The tweet caused reactions from Nigerians who believed that the vice president should have been more concerned about other vital issues bedevilling the country.

In the heat of the backlash, Nigerian Twitter user @olayknowless asked Beyonce to report Osinbajo’s account for violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).

“Ma’am @Beyonce, Nigeria’s current Vice President who has never properly done his job has used your song without permission, ask Jack your good friend to take care of his account In accordance with DMCA violation penalties,” The Peoples Gazette quoted @olayknowless

Meanwhile, it is unclear if Beyonce immediately responded to @olayknowless’ request.

However, The Peoples Gazette report that on Wednesday, @OlayKnowless took to her Twitter page to announce that the vice president’s tweet had been removed.

“LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO They actually took Osinbajo’s tweet down for using Beyoncé’s song I AM SCREAMING. My day just got like 5x better,” she tweeted.

Twitter explained that the tweet was “withheld in response to a report from the copyright holder.”

The microblogging platform explained that all unauthorised use of copyrighted materials were infringement.

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