BETWEEN Invictus Obi who invested his ill gotten money, AND Hushpuppi who was busy buying cars: WHO IS THE SMALL OF THE TWO EVILS?


It is known that before Mr. Invictus Obi was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigations of the USA, he deliberately brandes himself as an investor, entrepreneur and an inspirational speaker.

He was the CEO of Invictus Group Limited, a conglomerate in Construction, Oil & Gas and Agricultural development. He invested his ill-gotten wealth.

Some say that if not for the ingenuity of the Workd’s most powerful detectives known as FBI, most young people will inevitably see him as a role model and they would indeed be aspiring to be like Invictus. No one asked questions about his source of wealth.

Fast forward to the case of Hushpuppi that was throwing his ill gotten wealth around and lived a life of ostentatious and opulence, there were widespread suspicions that the source of his sudden and unexplained wealth was criminal and so it is turning out to be.

Hushpuppi has no known company or investment. He allegedly scams people only to use the money to buy cars, jewelries, designer cloths and shoes, to travel with private jets and lived ostentatious lifestyle that set tongues wagging.

Hushpuppi’s lack of visible investment and display of wealth drew the attention of the Dubai police even as the Dubai police revealed through a video on how they have been watching Hushpuppi activities online since he started displaying his ill-gotten wealth on social media. Many people knew Hushpuppi through his extravagant and lavish lifestyle.

Understandably, many have asked why an individual can come online to display such lifestyle knowing that the money for such lifestyle was derived from FRAUD and from the information gleened from the Dubai police, he allegedly defrauded over 1.9 million people thereby making the World’s record as the single most successful fraudster ever in contemporary times. As the saying goes, 99 days for the thief one day for the owner. Will this maxim apply to him? Time shall tell.

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