Best way to dispose used sanitary pads, by Halima Abubakar

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Actress Halima Abubakar has instructed women on the best way to dispose their used sanitary pads.

Abubakar said every woman should ensure they wash out all the blood on their used pads before disposal or throw it into a pit.

She argued it may seem dirty a thing to do but it’s capable of saving lives considering the surge in ritual activities in recent times.

“Start washing out your blood from your pads. Sounds dirty but saves lives. Or if you have a pit, good for you. Take care of your blood,” she said.

Social media users have taken to the comment section to express varying views on Abubakar’s pad disposal update.

kennedyexcel said: “Nice update for babes but burning is better than washing, To avoid Akuko mama ngozi na ndi Yard.”

blackdiamondchristine wrote: “Apt I have always done that ….. it’s very very important.”

tz_omokaru stated: “Something I have been doing since 2016.”

divine_chris_ said: “Hmmmmm kinda of true sha cuz crazy things are happening.”

prettypreshy4 wrote: “That’s what I usually do before burning it, it sounds dirty but is for your own safety ladies….”

kwin_edna stated: “Try to reason it and one will see that it makes a lot of sense. Crazy things are happening daily. God help us.”

misschidel said: “Anyways na Wetin u believe in the work for u for this life. I no believe say person fit do nonsense with my pad ooo. I no dey for that nonsense belief.”

bshizzle70a wrote: “Menstrual blood is made of uterine tissue , mucus lining , bacteria & some blood . IT WILL NOT TURN INTO MONEY . It is not a currency minting machine. Stop reinforcing this IGNORANT BELIEF & putting women in dan..ger.”

justtt_stacia stated: “Seems like the best option, sadly.”

nlckky said: “I can never wash my pad sha.. it disgust me… I’m not even going to lie.”

dinas_bags wrote: “Best bet, burn it.. I try to always do that.”

iammaryjane222 stated: “I find it disgusting, burn it or dispose it carefully!!”

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