Beauty in the Unexpected Places

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Whenever I am looking for something of value, I use to have a mental picture of where to search for it. But surprisingly, I have often found it in the least expected places.

Have you ever asked yourself why valuables and beautiful things are always found in dirt?

Where did nature put Gold, Silver or Diamond? Have you ever seen how crude oil is drilled or the processes involved in drilling the ground for clean drinking water?

Unfortunately, because of our ways of categorizing or limiting things, many have missed what they have been praying for because when it came, it did not fit into the profile they had created in their heads.

Some when searching for job have prostrated to greet the secretary only to walk pass the CEO simply because the secretary’s physical appearance fit into their category of a CEO while the CEO fits into their profile of who a gate man should be.

Some are still unmarried not because they never had people wishing to marry them, but as at the time the people came, there was no beauty to attract their eyes, only to be astonished few years later to see what the person they once rejected has become.

Sometimes you may look at your spouse and conclude that he or she is not cute enough and that your children are not intelligent.

Well, give those children and spouse to someone who will see their value beyond the dirts and watch how the person will nuture them and bring out a beauty you never imagined existed in them.

We are often like the man that was given a gift of pure gold that was mixed with dirt and muds. Because the man did not know what he was holding and because what he was holding was covered with dirty, the man threw it away only for another man to pick it up. The man who picked it up washed it, polished it until the “dirty” piece started glittering.

When the one who first threw it away saw it on a display for sale and knowing it is pure gold which is worth millions, he was willing to sell all he has just to buy it. What he did not know was that it was the same dirty piece he threw away that has become so beautiful.

There is beauty in you and you are equally very intelligent. There is beauty right there in your house, your kids are beautiful and intelligent. . . Invest time in yourself and in your family and watch how much you will discover.

📷 This was eleven years ago in a village called Orisunbare. I was a seminarian then. That year I worked in one of the remotes villages in Osun State under Osogbo diocese, Nigeria.


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