‘Be mindful of who to engage as domestic servants’

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Former Minister of Police Affairs Humphrey Abba has advised Nigerians to be mindful of who they engage as domestic servants.

He spoke at the weekend in Abuja at a special training for domestic service personnel.

It was organised by the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC), Asokoro Division, in collaboration with Rightangle PR, a public relations firm.

Abba, who spoke on the theme: “Dealing with Contemporary Issues of Domestic Security,” noted that domestic servants were critical in improving security at the home and the larger society.

He stressed the need to teach them how to conduct themselves without drifting.

Expressing concern that many Nigerians had little or no knowledge about the background of their domestic personnel, Abba said that many homes were attacked due to negative communication from domestic servants.

He urged the participants to avoid negative communication capable of corrupting good manners.

The Chairman, PCRC Asokoro Division, Dr. Ike Neliaku, said that the training was aimed at educating domestic service personnel about being mindful of simple security measures.

He said information management was a critical aspect in ensuring adequate security measures, “particularly what they say about their principals.”

Neliaku said as lowly as they are placed, domestic servants are critical to the security of the society.

“Talk about information management and what they say about their principals, they end up giving vital information without meaning any harm.”

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