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As captured by Grace Cliff Obilor; in Aba:
In the early hours of today being 10th, August 2020. News  about the fire Outbreak at Shoe Plaza Ariaria International Market got to us.
This fire Outbreak took almost 12 shops with goods inside before people came out to put it off.
In my interactions with the shop owners.
The first person, said that the fire came from the Engine at the power house which is used to give light to the shops at Plaza but unfortunately there were Gallons of petrol around the power house, when the Engine blew up, it caught up with the petrol and everywhere everywhere was set ablaze.
He went ahead to say that the fire was put off by anxious individuals before the fire service came to their rescue.
The second person expressed great anger toward the Fire Service workers saying that they came to the scene when the shops were already brunt to ashes, and the fire was put down by the individuals around. She was more aggrieved because the fire services workers insisted that something must be done for them in appreciation for coming before they go back to their office, even when they did not do anything to help the shop owners, the people angrily vandalized their vehicle and fought them.
These shop owners are so pained and devastated as they just came back from the Covid lockdown. Their businesses have been on hold for almost 3 months, and now this.
It was indeed a painful sight.

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