All About Women And Ending Discrimination

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International Women’s Day is an event recognized by the United nations, it is celebrated annually on the 8th of March, this day is mapped out to celebrate the political, cultural, economic and social achievements of women.

How it all started

In 1910, Copenhagen hosted the second International Conference of Working Women. Clara Zetkin, German Marxist theorist and activist, proposed the concept of International Women’s Day. She recommended that every year on Women’s Day a celebration be held in every country to honour women’s fight for their demands. Zetkins proposal was accepted.

International Women’s Day is a day to raise awareness about the discrimination and bias women face, it is a day to inspire and empower everyone to take action for equality.

Gender equality can be said to be achieved when women and men have equal conditions and opportunities and are treated equally, gender equality allows us to see women in their full potential and also realize their human rights and dignity, the motive of this equality is to put women at the spotlight so that they can contribute to the economic, political, social and cultural developments in their society.

In some parts of the world, women are made to face horrible situations but that does not dispute the fact that the woman of today wants to sit at the decision making table, they want to create impact in the society, they want to get involved in positive initiatives around the world.

Women are effective and powerful leaders if given the opportunity to lead. They are change makers, their participation in leadership is applaudable because it results to more effective climatic action.

Before we can promote gender equality in our society, we must address the bias, the discriminatory policies, power structures and socialization processes.

Talking about power structure in Nigeria, On Tuesday, 1st March 2022, the 9th Assembly of the federal republic of Nigeria which is male dominated with very poor female representation voted to reject specific seats for women in the National assembly, they voted to Deny 35% appointed positions for women, they voted to deny women 35% affirmative action in party administration and leadership. These actions seems as though to prove that women are irrelevant in the decision making room, the bills they rejected were proposed to empower and to attach special recognition to women in Nigeria, this rejection is a total dehumanisation of Nigerian Women. More women should be in leadership, more women should join Politics.

Women are encouraged to take up legitimate business, they are encouraged to work hard to gain financial freedom they should break the bias of being seen as liabilities, they should challenge the existing norm, break free from gender discrimination, financial instability, gender based violence, subjugation.

Women should be given the opportunity to thrive, they should be given the opportunity to create impact in the society.

Today is the International Day of the women, women are reminded of the power they possess, they should engage in women empowerment projects, they should support and engage in programs that will shift gender based power structures, they should engage in programs that addresses gender inequalities, they should promote positive gender norms, they should recognize and strengthen positive norms that supports gender equality.


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