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The Boeing 737 Max—once the darling of the aviation industry—has come under scrutiny since Lion Air flight JT610 crashed into the Java Sea last month.

The aircraft, a 737 Max 8, had only been in operation for two months before the accident, which killed all 189 on board. It was supposed to be a “game changer” and the “ short-haul plane of the future ,” but investigators have since uncovered problems with the plane—the first of its kind involved in a crash—as they try to unravel what went wrong.

After the crash, they’ve learned that the airspeed indicators on the Lion Air plane had malfunctioned for its last four flights, and that another flight-control system called the “ angle of attack ” sensor—meant to prevent the plane from stalling by gauging whether its nose is pointed too high for its current speed—was also replaced the day before the crash.

As Boeing and the US Federal Aviation Administration issued safety directives on the feature, pilots and airline regulators have responded to say the automated stall-prevention system wasn’t adequately publicized and that flight crews thus weren’t prepared on how to handle it.

As of the end of October, Boeing had received 4,783 orders for its 737 Max planes, having delivered 241 of them, according to the aviation firm’s data .

Here’s what we know about the inventory:

All the airlines that have ordered and received a 737 Max

At least 76 airlines have ordered a 737 Max (Boeing didn’t break down the models), and 40 have received them. Its data also included 878 unidentified customers, though none of them had received the planes yet.

Boeing’s first order for the 737 Max came from Southwest, which received its first delivery on Aug. 26, 2017. Overall, Southwest has placed and received the most orders—with 26 delivered out of 280 orders—of any airline. But it was Lion Air that got the honor of receiving the first-ever delivery on May 16, 2017. Its subsidiary Malindo Air was the first to fly the Max 8 on a commercial flight a week later on May 22, 2017. Lion Air has the third most number of orders at 201, and has received 13 of the planes.

Some list of the airlines that want a 737 Max:

Southwest Airlines, USA: 280 orders.

flydubai, United Arab Emirates: 251 orders.

SpiceJet, India: 139 orders.

Turkish Airlines, Turkey: 75 orders.

Air Peace, Nigeria: 10 orders.

Arik Air, Nigeria: 8 orders.

Others include; Qatar Airways, 9 Air, SkyUp Airlines and lot more

Among the airlines that have received their delivery, Arik Air and Air peace were missing out. That means they are yet to receive their orders.

The Max isn’t just for budget airlines The 737 Max is especially appealing to budget airlines because of its fuel efficiency and capacity for up to 210 seats , depending on the configuration.

While the orders are largely dominated by the likes of Southwest and Lion Air, a number of full-service airlines have also been eager customers. United Airlines, for example, placed 135 orders—on par with budget airliner Ryanair and more than Norwegian Air at 125—while American Airlines wanted 100 of the planes. Outside the US, Air Canada put in 61 orders and Korean Air wanted 30.

China has more airlines placing orders than any other country

Chinese airlines rank sixth in terms of their total number of orders with 166, but it has more firms—12, and two others in Hong Kong—ordering the 737 Max than any other country. The US is the only other country with more than 10 airlines placing orders. Following that, there’s a steep drop off with five airlines in Ireland and three in Canada. The rest each have only one or two airlines that want the Max.

That said, there are orders from single airlines that easily dwarf China’s overall demand. The United Arab Emirates’s flydubai budget airline, for example, accounts for 251 orders while Brazil’s GOL Linhas Aereas put in 135 orders and Vietnam’s VietJet Air wanted 100 of the planes.

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