About Us

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TNIN is a  project of The Nigerian Insider News Limited, to impact positive cultural change by equipping and informing people with the truth. Our team involves citizen journalists, writers, philosophers, international reporters, and human rights crusaders whose common goal is coverage of news and issues that relate to Nigerians, the nation and the world at large.

The policies of fair and unbiased reporting and independent editorial policy are the cornerstones of its news.

In TNIN  we consider freedom of speech exists to serve the common good of the people. We believe in the maxim that the common welfare of the people is the supreme law. We also hope you will find the more prominent Breaking news, Exclusive news, and more accurate search engine to your liking.

Our online news site is more than just an online news, a little less than a universe.

TNIN is also a registered company-(The Nigerian Insider News Nigeria Limited: RC 1265550). The anchor office is in Nigeria.


To be at the forefront of educating, disseminating information to all, with a view to building an equitable society.  We strive to report the changes in a balanced and non-partisan manner.

At the same time, we will also give our readers commentaries and analyses of the various issues so they can get a sense of what it all means.

TNIN gives our readers the uninterruptible rights to comment on any of the news. As a matter of our policy, we also expect our readers to be constructive as they comment on any of our news feed, we do not tolerate racist, sexist, vulgar, or personal attacks.

Please stay glued with us!