3-year-old Chiemeliye Seeks 20m For Cancer Treatment In India

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A three-year-old boy Chiemeliye Ndubisi has appealed to Nigerians to support his treatment for Leukemia (Blood Cancer) in an Indian hospital.

Chimeliye was billed N20 million for the treatment.

The appeal for the treatment which was contained in a statement made available to LEADERSHIP in Abuja yesterday, was signed by his mother Mrs Mary Ndubisi.

Ndusbisi said Chiemeliye is always in pain and on drugs, as he undergoes stability management treatment at Paediatrics ward in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH) Nnewi, Anambra state, pending when his travel plans would be ready.

Donation can be paid to Chukwuemeliye Anthony Ndubisi via UBA bank -2084517906.

The parents can be reached via their mobile: 07037629472 and 08035874800

According to her: ‘’My 3 year old baby Chiemeliye Ndubisi is facing a health battle that no one should have to face, especially at such a tender age.

‘’It began on the 6 October, 2018 with joint pain that started from one leg to the other one, and gradually engulfed his whole body . Within days, severe abdominal pain, shortness of breath, high fever and hours of restlessness followed. He was unable to stand or walk.

‘’Chiemeliye cried bitterly, always called out mum and dad for comfort. The pain was persistent and nerves wreaking.

‘’In the bid to find out problem and heal Chiemeliye, we were faced with hospital referrals/admissions, numerous lab tests, medications and blood transfusions. We are virtually living in the hospitals now. Yet his condition went from bad to worse as convulsion sets in and he became visually impaired partially.

‘’May 2019, an Onco-hematologist we were referred to diagnosed the illness as leukemia blood cancer. Day became night for us. Everything went blank. I just lost my dad and now this sad news about our only son.

‘’We were referred to Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, Anambra state for a confirmatory test (Bone marrow biopsy).

‘’Biopsy day has come and we all prayed so hard for a negative result, but then we got the answer we had been so afraid of. It is LEUKEMIA (blood Cancer). I just looked at Emeliye with tears in my eyes.

“Treatment commenced so as to stabilize him after so much drugs and transfusions,it became obvious that he cannot be treated here due to inadequate facilities,we were advised  he needs to be taken outside the country for treatment.

“The Indian hospital we engaged gave a fee of 20Million (Twenty million Naira) which I cannot possibly come up with immediately. I cannot watch my baby suffer so started the Visa arrangement which is almost sorted. The cumbersome medical bill is a major

“I am appealing to Nigerians to #helpsavechiemeliye .We sincerely your need your support and prayer’’.

Chukwuemeliye Anthony Ndubisi 2084517906 UBA bank.

For enquiries /queries please feel free to contact us via phone or Email: onyekandubisi@gmail.com

Onyeka /Mary (Parents) – 07037629472/08035874800

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