$250,000 Up For Grabs If You Can Prove That Juju Is Real

Do you believe in voodoo? Do you think horror films have an element of truth? Do you believe in the existence of a spiritual realm?

This is your chance to be a member of the “billionaires” club the Nigerian social media space believes you can get into when you do this.

The Center for Inquiry Investigations Group (CFIIG), the world’s largest paranormal investigation group located in Los Angeles, is willing to add $250,000 to your existing sum of money if you can “show, under scientific testing conditions, significant evidence of any paranormal, supernatural, or occult power.”

Your power will be verified after you have designed the test protocol and defined the conditions under which your test will take place, correctly. You may also be asked to conduct “an informal demonstration of the claimed ability or phenomenon.”

For those who may come up claiming to have gotten their powers like Peter Parker or that a medical condition led to their power, this is not for you. But if you insist, you “must find your own partner whose thoughts you can hear or who can hear your thoughts. We will not participate in the test with you.”

Now, there is a CAVEAT: Your demonstration needs to be done within a given time frame in from of the CFIIG.

If you cannot show your powers online, you need to be there in the physical to have yourself tested by “pre-approved field investigators” and your trip will be funded by you.

There is something for the referrer too… a $5,000 prize.

In the end, everybody wins.

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