2023: A Reformer Like Orji Uzor Kalu

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The King James Version of the Holy Bible in Psalms 24 verses 4&5 ,says and I quote,”He that hath clean hands and  pure heart,who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully, he shall receive the blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his salvation”.

Prior to the election of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu on 9th January, 1999 as the second Executive Governor of Abia State after Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu and his subsequent swearing in on May 29,1999,OUK has been in business.He had garnered at a very youthful age wealth of knowledge in business,( human and material resources management)and held several management positions wherein,he proved himself as a good Manager. As a Founder of over ten(10) gigantic Companies with Subsidiaries all over the globe,he remains the Chairman cum Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of these Companies.

These conglomerate of OUK’s Companies had and keep providing job opportunities for thousands of Nigerians and non Nigerians which record is yet to be beaten by any businessman who is of Abia extraction. No wonder the unabated envy , unfounded and spurious allegations against this illustrious, industrious, vibrant,active,philanthropic, energetic, committed ,versatile, responsive and responsible son of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has held many management positions, to wit: Chairman, Borno State Water Board; Chairman, Imo Marketing & Supply Agency Limited; Chairman, Co- operative and Commerce Bank(CCB)Ltd and even served as the Deputy Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Finance & Internal Affairs as well as the Promoter of the first International Bank Ltd in Gambia. With the  hereinabove mentioned lofty and enviable positions that OUK had every opportunity to dubiously enrich himself, he never  painted black his good name and image which he jealously protects at all time material and wonder why and how some persons he showed the light of the day and lifted them from the shackles of poverty would conspire with some stranger and unscrupulous elements to drag the good image of God’s Divine Project, Senator ORJI UZOR KALU to the mud,using EFCC as a hunting tool. Thanks to many legal and non legal pundits who have unambiguously stated the position of the law as it affects the case at hand.The law is sacrosanct that no person who has been discharged or acquitted on any criminal charge that has the same material facts,can be tried on same again as it would amount to double jeopardy. I am too sure that EFCC and her legal team is not unaware of this Constitutional provision and therefore should honourably throw in the towel because the man they were sent to witch hunt is the Apple of God’s eyes and cannot be cowed down by any diabolic force.All those behind this game should thread with caution because ,the word of God says,TOUCH NOT MY ANOITED AND DO MY PROPHET NO HARM.

If Abians have forgotten in a hurry,let me refresh our  memory the three outstanding Chieftaincy titles of OUK ,”Aha Eji Aga Mba” meaning, the name used to go to places, “Uba zuru oha of Abia” meaning wealth that reaches every Abian and ” Mmiri Nyili Enyi of Enugu- Ukwu” meaning tough sea for the Elephant. These are names that their literally meanings ought to send signals  to any reasonable fellow to refrain from any act that may arouse the wrath of God. I wish that those that started this battle were alive to narrate their ugly experiences and horrible  encounter with the God of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu,the Chief Whip of the Hallowed Chambers.

Because, there cannot be effective leadership without vision, mission and commitment, OUK always make God his  stronghold and his religious philosophy is best and simply ascertained in his behavior towards religious activities. Whether it is known or unknown to persons, the best way to find out and discern someone’s philosophical attributes about things is through the person’s statements, beliefs and behavior concerning such things.OUK has his trust and reliance in the Omnipotent and Omniscient God and no wonder,as the then Executive Governor of Abia state, he hosted a City- wide crusade in Abia to mark his two years in Office. The celebration crusade which took place in Abia and Umuahia from 18th to 21st May and 25th to 27th May,1999 respectively with  Rev.Dr.Uma Ukpai as the Guest Speaker, was an earthquake. That action of OUK that witnessed several unbelievable miracles where 14 lame people were healed, above 400 blind persons regained their sight and above 300 persons regained their hearing ability and over 600 paralyzed people were restored among other miraculous things that took place. Even early this year, the Leadership of CAN in South South and South East converged at the hometown of  OUK to join him in the celebration of his friend’s birthday  who is the CEO of Belemah Oil. The men of God who know the attributes of this quintessential Leader ordained by God, gathered to give their blessings and wonder what any mortal with any form of evil mechanization can do about it.

I will conclude by saying that the person of OUK is needed most this time that we are in a perilous state and any attempt to distract him,shall receive the unquenchable fire from above as it is not by OUK’s might, nor by his power,but by the Spirit of God.Those that have ears should hear and refrain from their clandestine plans against a man of God as they would be put to shame come the 20th day of September, 2021.

I therefore, enjoin all members of OUK movement in Abia state in particular and across the globe to earnestly seek the face God as victory shall be ours as always . May God continue to bless us.

Scripted by:                    

Barr.Sam Ogbonna,             

Publicity Secretary,            

OUK Movement, Abia State.

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