15 Years, No Dividend: Nigerian Lady Sells Bank Shares She Bought for N22,300 in 2007 for N20k, Posts Receipt

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  • A Nigerian lady has lamented the depreciable value of bank shares she had bought for N22,300 in 2007
  • The author identified as Gloria Ogo shared an old receipt of the bank shares as she revealed that it was sold for N20k 15 years later
  • Gloria stated that she got no single dividend for the 15 years she had the shares and only received N6k prior to sales of it

At a time decentralised digital currency Bitcoin was valued at less than a dollar, a Nigerian lady Gloria Ogo had in 2007 bought shares at a local bank at N22, 300, but more than a decade after that decision, the lady has no significant return to show for the financial move.

In 2022 when one Bitcoin goes for over N16m, her Nigerian bank shares didn’t not only fail to appreciate in value but were sold for less than they were bought.

Sharing the 2007 receipt, confirming her bank shares purchase, Gloria said she sold the shares for N20k on Monday, 25 April.

In a fresh update, the lady stated that she only managed to get N6k prior to sales and after she complained about not getting any dividend for the 15 years she held the shares.

She wrote:

“I bought Access Bank shares in 2007 for 22,300.

“Sold it today, 15 years later, for 20k.

“Nigeria really happened to my shares.”

Social media reactions

Austin Gilbert said:

“You can’t buy bank treasury in Nigeria and expect profit .. since the government doesn’t have cash how do you think it can profit you.”

Paul Okoli said:

“Chai! It’s a pity, I actually sold mine when it was #45, because i suspected that the Nigeria stock exchange thing will fail, it’s one of those experiences one gets in life.”

Emmanuel C. Atorough said:

“You’re very lucky my dear. Go to any Church of your choice for Thanksgiving. I bet you, deposit ordinary N10,000 in Access Bank, come back after 90 days, your money will be N9,286.50 instead of getting interest, you get loose. That’s Nigerian banking system for us. It’s well anyway….”

Onye Biafra OB said:

“This is not laughable at all.

“Had it been you used that money to buy half plot of land in one remote village, by now, you should be counting in hundreds.

“It’s a pity you didn’t break even.”

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